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Evolution of a Confession

A number of the several church eyewitnesses who stayed in the room until Woody was removed recalled him apologizing in a general sense for what happened, one recalling "I'm really sorry". None recalled him apologizing to an officer, saying he assaulted anyone, or saying he wanted to die or be shot. But virtually all the emergency services persons did remember him saying such things. Here is a chronological list of excerpts concerning Woody's speech after the shooting. Note the identical wording of the ambulence confession recalled by Officers Frechette and Gerard.

Note that there is no corroboration for any of the elements of the alleged confession on the voicemail message.

 Holbrook, BPD
  (church) He continually asked to be killed and that he wanted to die.
 Patno, Rescue Inc.
  (both) Woodward stated that he apologized to the officers,
         and that he knew it wasn't their fault.
 Frechette, BPD
  (church) "I apologize for making the officers shoot me, I wanted to die."
  (ambulence) "I want to apologize to the officers. I wanted them to shoot me."
 Parker, BPD
  (church) "Just let me die, I just want to die."
 Faulkner, Rescue Inc.
  (church) "Please tell the officer I assulted that I did not want to hurt him.
           I would not have harmed him.  I just wanted him to shoot me."
 Gerard, BPD
  (ambulence) "I want to apologize to the Officers, I wanted them to shoot me."
 Brunton, Rescue Inc.
  (church) He said he wanted us to tell the officers he apologized for trying to assault them.
 Mayo, Rescue Inc.
  (church) stated multiple times he wanted "to apologize to the officer I assaulted."
 Hammond, Fire Dept.
  (church) heard the patient tell everyone to tell the officer he assaulted he was sorry.
  (both) repeatedly asked that his apologies be communicated to the officer he had "assaulted."
  (both) He also repeatedly said he wanted to apologize to the officer that he assaulted,
         and that he wanted them to shoot him.
  (and/or) repeatedly made statements to the effect that he wanted to apologize to the
           officer he assaulted, that he had wanted the police to shoot him, and that he
           knew it was not their fault.

'Assault' does not appear until December 4th, but is in all the statements after the 13th. The 'want to die' theme is popular early on, but is replaced by the assault and apology themes in later statements, only to re-emerge in Sorrell's report. It is also interesting that while the apology, 'want to die,' and 'wanted them to shoot me' themes run through all the Brattleboro Police officers' statements, the 'assault' theme is conspicuously absent, while being found in the statements of all Rescue Inc. personnell except that of the captain, Patno.

BPD, shooters BPD Rescue Inc. Fire Dept.
Holbrook Parker Frechette Gerard Faulkner Brunton Mayo Patno Hammond
wanted to die * * * *
wanted them to shoot me * * *
apologized to officer * * * * * * *
officer I assaulted * * * *

The above table shows which themes are found in the statements of the various personnell, organized by employer. The degree to which the different themes are clustered according to employer is striking.

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