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The Evidence Versus the State

Why was a pacifist who was threatening himself and no-one else in a bid for sanctuary shot to death in a church by police on December 2nd, 2001, and why did the state under Howard Dean respond with an elaborate deception? The answers to these questions are not obvious, but the scale of the cover-up has become increasingly apparent. A reading of the selected evidence thus far released by the state reveals a fascinating divide between the easily reconciled versions of events recalled by the 18 church eyewitnesses on one hand, and the official version of events presented in Sorrell's report on the other. A careful reading of the report in light of the evidence reveals it to be a meticulously constructed facade, clearly designed to mislead the reader while avoiding, for the most part, making statements that can be proven false.

Here is analysis about a variety of topics relating to the shooting, including: the still unanswered questions about December 2nd; the known evidence and what it reveals; the conduct of the official investigation; and other ramifications of the killing. A more organized presentation of this and other analysis of Sorrell's report can be found in the analysis part of the Justice for Woody Report, whose contents are published here.

Analysis Topics

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