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Unanswered Questions

-- new list as of November, 2003 --

Early lists of uanswered questions focused on why the shooters resorted to deadly force. The present list is based on the the discover of evidence that a cover-up started at the momment of the shooting. To fully appreciate all of the questions in this list, one must have a good deal of familiarity with the events of December 2, 2001. Most of these questions are based on the eyewitness evidence packages available in their entirety here. Justice for Woody's obstruction of justice document should be read before reading these questions.

  1. Why did the police move over Woodward immediately after the shooting, and then throw his knife some distance away?
  2. Why do the police claims to have engaged in a struggle after the shooting to wrest the knife from Woodward differ from eyewitnesses accounts of the officers appearing to act in a care giving or medical manner?
  3. Why would officers speak of a struggle while appearing to administer an examination?
  4. Why would officers administer medical care or evaluation initially, then handcuff Woodward for at least 13 minutes despite a physician's pleas to allow her to staunch his uncontrolled bleeding?
  5. Why did police not mention the bullet visible under Woodward's skin on his left side?
  6. Why did Officials not question officers about their claim that Woodward would not relinquish the knife from his right hand, despite his right arm having been shot 4 times, resulting in a shattered elbow?
  7. Why did officer Parker hold his shoulder while stepping into a storage closet without reappearing more than one minute?
  8. Why did police handcuff Woodward?
  9. Why did Officer Davies tell Dr. Woodring that Woodward was handcuffed because he hadn't been searched?
  10. Why was Woodward forced to bleed uncontrollably for at least 13 minutes for lack of a search?
  11. Why did police refuse repeated requests from Dr. Woodring to remove the handcuffs in order to allow her to stop Woodward's abdominal bleeding?
  12. Why did EMTs agree to continue the handcuffing despite its preventing their accessing Woodward's abdominal wound, the source of the continued bleeding?
  13. Why did the EMTs actively prevent Dr. Woodring from accessing Woodward's wounds?
  14. Why did EMTs refer to being stressed out by Dr. Woodring's attempts to help, while not mentioning the stress caused by the uncontrolled bleeding occurring due to their inability to access Woodward's abdominal wound.
  15. Why was a request from EMT Patno that the handcuffs be removed granted, while numerous requests from Dr. Woodring were refused?
  16. Why did the handcuffs remain on until just before Woodward was separated from Dr. Woodring?
  17. Why did Dr. Woodring notice the bullet under the skin on Woodward's left side only after the handcuffs were removed?
  18. Why were Woodward and Dr. Woodring separated very soon after her discovery?
  19. Why did the ambulance delay departing the church once Woodward was inside?
  20. Why did the ambulance take an inexplicably long time to reach the hospital?
  21. Why do the EMT reports contain almost no details of Woodward's treatment?
  22. Why did EMT reports not mention the bullet visible under Woodward's skin on his left side?
  23. Why do the EMT reports contain the alleged "assaulted" confession?
  24. Why does the report of an EMT that did not report hearing the confession point out that he was driving and therefore couldn't hear what was going on in the back?
  25. Why does the report of one EMT feature the alleged "assaulted " confession in bold type?
  26. Why does the alleged "assaulted" confession appear more frequently the later a report is filed?
  27. Why was a detailed timeline not assembled?
  28. Why does the timeline that can be assembled remain blurred regarding crucial times?
  29. Why were these times not clarified by the Officials?
  30. Why did the investigator not pursue Tommy Thomas's statement that some shots were fired after Woodward fell?
  31. Why was a sketch of the moment of the first shot from Tommy Thomas not included in the publicly released evidence, even though Thomas had a continuous, unobstructed view of the incident?
  32. Why does the AG report use a linguistic deception which serves to conceal Thomas' lack of participation in the reenactments?
  33. Why did a series of eyewitness reenactments produce only a single set of amateur-drawn sketches showing locations at the time of the first shot?
  34. Why is there no analysis of the illustrations or conclusions drawn from them?
  35. Why is there no composite illustration showing all people?
  36. Where did the bullets that hit Woodward's arms end up?
  37. Why did Sorrell, Maguire, and Chief Martin all say that a ballistic test "does not support" down shooting?
  38. What exactly do the ballistics tests show that "does not support" down shooting?
  39. Do the ballistics tests contain any evidence of down shooting?
  40. Do the ballistics tests show the bullet that Dr. Woodring found under Woodward's skin on his left side?
  41. Do the ballistics tests include tests done on the carpet?
  42. Was the carpet under where Woodward fell tested for bullet impacts? What did it show? May we see the tests? If not, why not, and where is this section of the carpet now?
  43. Was blood spatter analysis performed? What did it show? May we see the tests? If not, why not, and where is the carpet now?
  44. Where is Woodward's shirt? Was it entered into evidence? Was it tested? May we see the tests? If not, why not, and where is the shirt now?
  45. Why are sketches not presented from all eyewitnesses, even though a note on one indicates that all sketches had been collected? Did all eyewitnesses participate? If not, why not?
  46. Why did the reenactment conclude after producing only one set of position data for one moment?
  47. Why is the reenactment data presented the form of small, "near to scale" sketches with an inaccurate number of seats?
  48. Why do the eyewitness sketches omit a reference to a particular moment or use reference points to establish location?
  49. Why was no analysis of the reenactment data presented?
  50. Why was no composite of individual location sketches produced?
  51. Why does the AG report characterize the reenactment as being as "precise as possible" when it is clearly not?
  52. Why does the AG report present the accurate time period of 2 to 3 seconds between first and last shot without identifying it as correct?
  53. Why does the AG report present the 2 to 3 second time period in the context of other, inaccurate time periods within a paragraph discrediting eyewitness accuracy?
  54. Why does the AG report state their implied claim that Woodward was not shot while down as a carefully crafted statement that he continued to fall (farther) after the last shot, leaving the literal meaning that he was not completely prone on the floor at this point?
  55. Why does the AG report present Tommy Thomas's assertion that Woodward was shot while down as part of a list of unlikely, discrepant eyewitness observations?
  56. Why do Sorrell, Maguire, and Chief Martin refer to ballistic tests that "do not support" the theory of down-shooting, without elaborating?
  57. Does the ballistics test show the bullet that Dr. Woodring found under the skin on Woodward's left side?
  58. Where did the 7 bullets come to rest? What is the significance of the bullet reported to have been embedded in the window molding?
  59. How was Officer Holbrook able to fire laterally at Woodward when he did not have a clear line of fire?
  60. How was Officer Holbrook able to fire laterally at Woodward as he passed between him and Officer Parker?
  61. How was Officer Parker able to fire laterally at Woodward as he passed between him and Officer Holbrook?
  62. How could Woodward have been "advancing" at the time of the last shot, when, according to Holbrook's account, Woodward was running at the time of the first shot, covering only 7 feet during the 2 to 3 seconds before the last shot?

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