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Guide to Sorrell's Report

Sorrell's Woodward Shooting Report , released at his April 2nd press conference, is much more than meets the eye. It is a carefully crafted document designed to conceal evidence. A reader not familiar with the evidence will entirely miss this fact, although they will easily see its profound biases, such as its promotion of the accounts of the individuals whose actions were supposedly being investigated. (The report prominently features the accounts of the three police officers while making only aggregate characterizations of the accounts of the nearly all of the 18 church eyewitnesses.)

As we investigated Sorrell's Report, we discovered layer upon layer of deception. Our evolving understanding is reflected in the documents we produced, from the website, to the Justice for Woody Report, to the objstruction of justice document. This page is designed to help you navigate through the plethora of analysis that we have produced about the manifold forms of deception that permeate Sorrell's report.

We categorize the deceptions in Sorrell's Report into three levels:

  1. misrepresenting the events of December 2nd, 2001
  2. misrepresenting eyewtiness statements about the events leading up to the first shots
  3. hiding evidence of:
    • shooting down into the victim after he had fallen to the floor
    • denial of available and necessary first aid
    • efforts by State Police investigators to avoid collecting evidence of the above
Whereas most of the level 1 deceptions can be discerned by reading the report with only a general understanding of the events of December 2nd from other sources, levels 2 and 3 both require analysis of the eyewitness evidence package.

  • The analysis of Sorrell's Report on this site ennumerates uses of various types of deceptive devices throughout Sorrell's Report. Most of these pages are dated and reflect our understanding at different points in time. Most are are confined to level 1, having been written before we had digested the data in the eyewitness evidence package.
  • The Justice for Woody Report was written in September 2002, after we had digested much of the the eyewitness evidence. It contains an 18-page section exposing deceptions in Sorrell's Report. It details many of the level 2 deceptions, and touches on some of the level 3 deceptions. Although most of the subjects covered in the report are also covered on various page on this website, the report imposes a sequential oganization and provides some unique analysis of the intents of the report-writers. The FINAL SHOTS section of the report has been updated with links to the evidence on the page Multiply Shot After Falling
  • The slide presentation for the talk Sorrell's Sham(e) is a guided tour of examples of deceptions used in the report. An earlier version of this talk was given at the Justice for Woody press conference.
  • The obstruction of justice document, created in late November 2003, focuses on the level 3 deceptions. It exposes specific evidence of the crime of obstruction of justice by Sorrell's office.

page last modified: 2008-07-20