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Sorrell's Report is Inadequate.

Sorrell's report is inadequate not only because of it's specific failures in what it does address, but also because of what it fails to address. Some such issues which did not get so much as a passing mention in the report include:

  • Whether the officers could have use a non-lethal form of restrint they were carrying, such as pepper spray.
  • Whether the officers should have brought other non-legthal means of restraint, such as rubber bullets, to the scene, particularly given that they knew Woody was afraid of authorities and therefore would probably need to be restrained.
  • Whether the officers should have attempted to assess the situation when they arrived at the scene but before they entered the sanctuary.
  • The attempts made by present and former church officials to persuade the officers not to enter the sanctuary.
  • Why the officers did not clear the room before they approached Woody.
  • Why the officers advanced so quickly on Woody and came so close, given that, according to the report, he started backing away from them and church members when he saw them.

By avoiding dealing with such issues, a different choice regarding any one of which could easily have saved Woody's life, Sorrell avoided confronting the need to propose or implement any reforms. Sorrell appears to be more intersted in serving the status quo and his institutional allies than public safety.

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