The Robert Woodward Memorial Fund
All Souls Church

On Sunday December 2, 2001 just before he morning service was to begin, 
Robert Woodward burst into the church agitated, afraid and pleading for 
sanctuary from those who he believed would put him in jail and torture him. 
Unable to calm him in order to make sense of the situation, the police were 
called to remove him. Instead they took his life. As we have come to know 
more about Bob Woodward, we have learned that he loved children, helped them 
professionally, and he loved the environment which he also worked to 
preserve. He practiced what he preached, walking everywhere, riding a bike 
whenever he could and using his car as seldom as possible. He did not collect 
things, he lived simply collecting friends instead.

Keeping these attributes in mind, the Board of Trustees of All Souls Church 
has decided to establish the Raobert Woodward Memorial Fund both to preserve 
his memory and to honor his commitment to the natural world he loved so much. 
After a sufficient time has passed, donations to the fund will be turned into 
a single check and presented to the Vermont Natural Resources Council, a non 
profit environmental organization founded in 1963 to protect Vermont's 
natural resources and environment through research, education and advocacy. 
Since " Woody" as his friends called him, lived and died in Vermont, we 
believe this is a fitting memorial. Several friends and particularly Mr. And 
Mrs. Paul Woodward have been consulted, and believe this is the right thing 
to do. If you agree, won't you join us by sending a contribution to the fund. 
Checks should be made out to the Robert Woodward memorial Fund and mailed to 
All Souls Church, P.O. Box 2297, West Brattleboro, VT. 05303

                                            Robert S. Treat
                                            Vice President
                                            for the Board of Trustees

December 16,2001