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Brief Excerpts from Eyewitness Statements

Said: He never threatened anyone else with the knife.
At the time of the first shot he had a knife towards his own eye.

Said: I don't see in any shape or form that this man as
a threat to the police.

Was asked: Just before the shot he had the knife....
Up. Definitely. she replied.
Towards his head? the interviewer asked.
Yup...Yup. she said.

Was asked: Did he ever threaten anybody there, directly?
Not any of us. was her reply.

Said: He wasn't pointing the knife at anyone else. It was only at his eye.

Was asked: Did you ever see him point the knife at the officers, at you,
or at any member of the congregation?
No. he replied. I do not recall him turning the knife outwardly.

Was asked: So from what you could see what caused the officers to shoot?
You got me. she replied. I couldn't believe that that's the way you would react.
Was asked: Does Bob make a move toward the officer or a move toward anybody?
She replied: No. He was not attacking.

Was asked: Did he take a step towards the police at all?
He replied: Not that I saw.  I think that I would have remembered
I think if he had turned in any aggressive way and threatened them.
Was asked: What did this gentleman do before you heard the shots ring out?
He replied: He was threatening himself with his knife...I didn't see him
threaten anyone else...he never pointed his knife...at any other person.

Mary T
Was asked: Did you see him make any motion with the knife toward either the
officers or anybody else in the congregation?
Only to himself. He had it up to his eye. she replied.

Said: He certainly wasn't threatening the policemen in any way
and then the policeman shot.
Was asked: And he always had the knife pointed toward himself?
Pointed toward himself. he replied.

From Iain's Interview Summary:
I asked him what precipitated the shots being fired? He said he wasn't doing
anything different. Knife was still in his hand pointed to his head.

Said: I did not see him at any time point it in any other direction,
nor did he make any sort of threatening remark or gesture. He did not threaten
anybody except himself.

Said: I didn't see him, you know, wielding a knife or anything like that.

Said: He was not threatening anybody else. He was going to kill himself.

Was asked: Do you recall if he made threats to any other person?
No he did not. she replied. He never threatened anyone else.

Was asked: Did you at any point see the person lower the knife at all?
Did you ever hear him threaten anybody?
He answered: No.

Said: He put the knife back on his eye. That's the last thing
I remember him doing.

Mary H
Said: As I say he never threatened anybody in the room.

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