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Eyewitness Evidence

Packages Released by the Attorney General's Office

After concluding it's investigation, the Attorney General's office made available to the public packages containing some but not all evidence in the case of Woody's shooting. The packages consisted of 481 pages of evidence, including:

  • 18 folders, one for each eyewitness, containing handwritten witness statements and interviews conducted by state police detectives at the church on the day of the shooting, an AG office summary the witnesses' statements, and in some cases an additional interview conducted in March.
  • 3 folders, one for each of the 3 officers, containing their statements and state police interviews conducted the day after the shooting.
  • A folder containing transcripts of the 911 call and the police radio calls.
  • A folder containing statements from individuals involved after the shooting in official capacities, those individuals comprising four employees of the ambulance company Rescue Inc., a fireman, a state trooper, and a Brattleboro Police officer.

These evidence packages were the primary basis for the analysis of Sorrell's report presented here, in the Justice for Woody Report, and the scholarly report by Professor T. Wilson.

JusticeForWoody.org has published the package in its entirety:

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