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Complete Transcripts

Justice for Woody has posted here the complete transcripts of the statements, interviews, phonecalls, and reports of the eyewitness and emergency services personnel contained in the package released by the Attorney General's Office following the April 2, 2002 press conference.

Indices of the scanned documents are organized here in two groups:

The civilians group contains documents relating to the accounts of the 18 church eyewitnesses to the shooting. The officials group contains documents relating to the accounts of the officials who responded to the calls, all of whom either worked for the Town of Brattleboro or for companies contracted by the town. The officials belong to 4 groups:
  • the 3 BPD officers present at the shooting, 2 of whom shot the victim.
  • 2 BPD officers who arrived after the shooting.
  • 4 employees of Rescue inc.
  • An employee of the Brattleboro Fire Department.

In reproducing the documents here, we have attempted to preserve the structure of the files as provided by the Attorney General's office. This includes maintaining the order of documents in a file, even when the order is not chronological nor consistent with the pattern of document order seen in most files.

Justice for Woody was reluctant to post these transcripts out of respect for the privacy of the witnesses. We have campaigned for a credible independent investigation of the shooting since we first organized in December 2001. Our demands have been consistently ignored and rebuffed by William Sorrell and Howard Dean, who promised a fair investigation, and then ambushed us with their theatrical April 2, 2002 character assassination of Woody, disguised as a press conference to release their slick Woodward Shooting Report . This carefully engineered report, designed to thoroughly deceive the reader about the events of December 2, 2001, was clearly intended to shut the door to further inquiry. We believe it is our obligation to expose the obstruction of justice by Vermont officials in this matter, corruption that is documented by the eyewitness evidence package juxtaposed against the Woodward Shooting Report.

The 18 church eyewitnesses to the shooting were honoring Woody's last request that they stay to bear witness for him, but none expected that he would be killed in front of them. They have earned our enduring respect and sympathy. We have not sought their permission to post these public documents, and hope that our doing so does not cause any of them discomfort or distress. We have attempted to maintain some degree of anonymity for these individuals by substituting initials for their last names in all indices to the documents.

page last modified: 2005-03-06