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Excerpts from Police Interviews

Robert Woodward was shot by two of three police officers. Here are the portions of their written statements and interviews with state police detectives pertaining to the actions of Woodward in the moments before the shooting.

Officers Parker and Holbrook's interviews with state police detectives were not conducted until the next day, and they state in these interviews that they were together in the same room while writing their incident reports.

Officer Davies
12/2 written statement
"Officer Parker, Holbrook, and myself were attempting to evacuate
people who would not leave as they appeared to be in fear of the
subject who was yelling about political assassination and death of
George Harrison and others. Subject was holding a knife to his right
eye being agitated. While Officers Parker and Holbrook were trying to
evacuate people from the front and left side of the sanctuary and I
was trying to get people to leave from the rear, subject came at
people. Officer Parker kept telling subject, who was not calming down
to talk, to put the knife down. Subject went from holding the knife
to his eye and turned this towards Officer Parker and the people many
of who still had not moved and were in imminent danger of serious
injury or death. Subject became more and more agitated lunging at
Officer Parker who had to fire along with Officer Holbrook to prevent
Officer Parker from being stabbed or any of the people sitting in
front of the sanctuary."
12/3 interview (interviewed on the day after the shooting)
WD: "He changes from holding the weapon up to his head to bringing
the weapon around in an aggressive manner and he comes from this
location right at Officer Parker."
INT: So he puts the knife down as if pointing towards somebody who
would be in front of him, correct?
WD: "Right."
INT: And then he runs in the direction of Officer Parker?
WD: "Right."
INT: What did you think was going on? What was going thru your mind?
WD: "Well...I felt that he was going to kill somebody...that his
intentions were to inflict serious bodily injury or kill another
human being."

Officer Holbrook
12/2 written statement
"The subject was approximately 10-12 feet away from Officer Parker
and myself and was failing to comply with Officer Parker's orders.
The subject then without warning began charging strait at Officer
Parker and the people who were still leaving their seats. Officer
Parker yelled stop and shot the subject who at this time was
approximately 6 feet away. The subject was taken backwards by the
shot but continued at Officer Parker. I shot at the subject as well
as Officer Parker. The subject then fell to the floor in front of me."
12/3 Interview  (interviewed on the day after the shooting)
INT: And then you said  there is a point when he runs at Officer Parker?
MH: "Yea, he didn't give any warning. It's just, there was no
indication that he was going to do that, he just charged."
INT: The suspect didn't say anything?
MH: "No."
INT: So there comes a point when he charges Officer Parker?
MH: "Yes."

Officer Parker
12/3 interview (interviewed on the day after the shooting)
TP: "Without warning and without provocation, he, he ran at me with
the knife um he took the knife from where he had it from um his face
um he had set it, let it go down a little bit and then he just came
running at me." "He had posed the knife directly at me." "He had sort
of dropped his hand and all of a sudden he started to run and that he
he had the , the knife ah off to his side running at me."
INT: "As he was running at you, with the knife pointed at you, in
your words, was there any feeling in your mind, or actually what was
going on in your mind at that point?
TP: "That he was going to stab me."
INT: Ok, were you in fear for your life at that point?
TP: "I most certainly was."

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