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Woody's Apology

At least two of the handful of church eyewitnesses who stayed after the shooting recall Woody apologizing for what happened. None recalled him apologizing to an officer. Yet the accounts of the officials recall Woody confessing to "making the officer(s) shoot him" and to having "assaulted" the officer(s). Woody cannot be heard to apologize on the message tape which spans about the first 2 minutes after the shooting. Within the official personnel, The wording of the confession correlates strongly with the employer of the witness.


source:3/25 synopsis
She heard Woody "apologize for what happened" after he was shot.
source:3/25 synopsis
She does not remember Woodward saying anything after the shooting about the police conduct. She did not ride in the ambulance but followed in her car.
source:3/25 synopsis
heard Woodward say, after the shooting, "I'm really sorry. I'm really sorry."

Official Personnel

Todd Faulkner (Rescue Inc.)
source:12/4 written statement
He stated that he wanted to report a murder and then went on to say the federal government had assassinated Jeb Bush and others.
Woodward said, "Please tell the officer I assulted that I did not want to hurt him. I would not have harmed him. I just wanted him to shoot me."
I observed this patient to be rational at times and trying to apologize for his actions.
Sally Brunton (Rescue Inc.)
source:12/13 written statement
.. was already being treated by the other crew, Elena and Todd, and Bratt. Fire personell. The patient was lying on his back, pants on, shirt had already been cut off, he was still in handcuffs. ...Patient was very vocal and trying to move his arms.
He said he wanted us to tell the officers he apologized for trying to assault them.
He talked about the CIA trying to get him. He mentioned names, like George Harrison, Jeb Bush and others. Sometimes he would be hollering.
Officer John Frechette
source:12/2 report
Woodward said "I apologize for making the officers shoot me, I wanted to die."
Woodward said "I want to apologize to the officers. I wanted them to shoot me."
While they were treating Woodward, he told Brian Patno my stomach hurts. Brian said "It should hurt, you have been shot. Woodward said "I apologize for making the officers shoot me."
Elena Mayo (rescue inc.)
source:12/21 written statement
His right arm badly and obviously fractured, bleeding on abdomen, hands restrained with handcuffs. When I cut off his shirt I saw two holes in his right flank. Officer Davies stated he could not remove handcuffs because patient had not been searched, but when I said I needed them off, he took them off and did a cursory body search.
Patient was conscious and alert to circumstances. Was speaking in a ranting manner, over and over again about "The CIA kills with cancer, The CIA kills with cancer. George Harrison, Tip O'Niel, Bob Marley, Paul Tsongas, Nelson Mandela. This is a conspiracy, the CIA kills with cancer." While we were treating him with oxygen IV's and hemmorage control patient continued to rant continuously. Patient also stated multiple times he wanted "to apologize to the officer I assaulted." He also stated this was a political assasination because he was an environmentalist and the CIA wanted to keep him quiet. He never said about what. Patient was interactive with ambulance crew and responded appropriately to questions posed to him about his condition, pain levels, breathing difficulty, etc. Patient continued to rant about the CIA and to repeat his litany of names continuously.
Officer David Gerard
source:12/6 report
John Martin of the Brattleboro Police asked me to ride in the ambulance with the subject that had been shot. During the transport, the male subject advised, "I want to apologize to the Officers, I wanted them to shoot me."
Shawn Hammond (Firefighter)
source:12/? written statement
The patient was lying on his side, almost face down, with handcuffs on. I noticed a large amount of blood underneath him.
... set up oxygen at 15 lpm by the non-rebreather. At that time Brian Patno requested the handcuffs removed to better treat and assess patient. When they removed the handcuffs they placed the patient on the backboard.
We were assisting the rescue crew, I hear the patient tell everyone to tell the officer he assualted he was sorry. He was also saying that cancer is the non-political killer and that he wanted to report the murders of George Harrison and Bob Marley and others.
Brian Patno (Rescue Inc. captain)
source:12/2 interview
Patient rambling about how the CIA was killing him, along with Jeb Bush, Tip O'Niel, and George Harrison. He said that the patient didn't care that he was going to die because the CIA was going to get him anyway. Patno advised that Woodward stated he apologized to the officers and he knew it wasn't their fault.
source:12/16 interview
Elena Mayo, the first paramedic there was working on getting some ID's I came up and asked what I could do This subject was handcuffed. I asked the officers if they could remove the handcuffs because we had to roll him onto his back and work on him. I told them I didn't feel he was any danger because of his wounds and which they did, they took the cuffs off and we rolled him and started to work on him.
The CIA is out to kill him, he says he had cancer and he wanted to die.
We had to continually tell him to be quiet.... We got him enroute and again, we spent a lot of time trying to calm him down because he was just rambling and rambling. And finally we had to tell him just to shut up, we didn't care right now what was going on and we're going to take care of him.
The CIA killed McGovern. The CIA killed Jeb Bush- Florida. We said, well Jeb Bush isn't dead yet, and he said the other Jeb Bush. And as we went on he obviously was starting to get in more pain and stuff and he was, I think de-stabilizing a little bit. He asked us to apologize to the police officers. He says he doesn't blame them for what they did, that... it wasn't their fault. He feels bad for them.
He said why did they do this, and you know, we told him, you walked into a church with a knife in your hand, threatening them, what did you expect. He goes, I know, I know. I don't blame them for what they did. They were just doing their job. And he asked me if I would talk to the papers. He says if I die will you go to the newspaper and tell them what I did here and that the CIA is out to kill him and that it's a conspiracy, the government is against him. And I told him, no, I wasn't going to do that. This is hs... this is his time on the podium, he can do all that. And that was really about it. He was rambling on the whole time. He definitely was not there mentally when we were working on him. I mean, he was rambling on not making any sense whatsoever.
He was laying on his left side because he had handcuffs on and they couldn't get him on his back... there was quite a bit of blood right there... once they took the handcuffs off him everything was fine.
I believe that's what I heard him say, that he wanted to get shot and that's why he did this. He wanted the cops to shoot him because the CIA was after him anyway. I'm 80% sure that's what he said.... Somehow... because I believe I said "well, you got your wish." I believe he said I wanted to get shot because the CIA was after me anyways and they were going to get me.
We were talking back and forth.
(at the hospital he said) just the same thing. The hospital was the McGovern thing, that McGovern was killed by the CIA; that Jeb Bush was killed by the CIA, that who used to be the house speaker, he was killed by the CIA. All these people were killed. They're continually killing a bunch of people.
It got so bad we just had to tell him to shut up because we weren't able to do our job. And he'd be quiet for a while, okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. He'd be quiet for five or ten minutes then all of a sudden he'd go off again talking about the CIA.
I do disinctly remember him asking us to apologize to the police officers, that it wasn't their fault , that he understands why they did that...
Why he picked the church, I've no idea. He just ... my impression was he was there to get shot, and again, I believe he told us that but I can't guarantee it.
Did he elaborate on saying he had cancer?
Nope, he just said I have cancer and they're going to get me before and I don't know if he was insinuating if he got cancer from the CIA, if there was one of their ways to try to kill him or not, but he did mention a couple of times that he had cancer and he might as well just die.
He definitely said he doesn't blame them, tell them he's sorry, that it wasn't their fault because I, you know, he definitely said that. No question about it.
And, you know, tell the Reformer, tell the paper, tell the press what happened here, I need you to tell people the CIA is out to get people.
I thought it was kind of comical at the time that Jeb Bush, you know, was killed by the CIA. We told him that he's still alive, you know.
I'm not an expert at it, but he was not in his right mind at the time.
Marshall Holbrook
source:12/2 report
He continually asked to be killed and that he wanted to die. Subject also stated that he "didn't intend to hurt the officer" but "wanted us to kill him".

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