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Woody's Movement

Woody apparently moved from near the chritsmass tree to in front of the podium. The critical question is dis this movement begin before the shooting started. Here are what church eyewitnesses recalled.


source:12/2 interview, p.6
He was still behind (the pulpit) at that point, and then he came forward. But I don't know I think when he fell, my impression is that he was not behind it, that he was on the floor, because if you're behind the pulpit there, you're on a raised platform, if your standing behind it. And I know that after the shots were fired and he fell that he was falling on the floor, and it was in front of the platform. That's where he was laid out."
source:12/3 interview, p.6
I remember him backing away toward the Christmass tree and then he came forward, I thought maybe you know, I heard the shot and I looked toward the shot and I saw him go forward and I think he was falling forward, and somehow he got toward the pulpit and I thought how did he get there from the Xmas tree, but evidently that movement took place after the first shot. That's what it looked like to me. I saw the tree wiggle (after the cops arrived).
Did not see the movement from the tree to the final point of rest, does not know how he got there. When he last saw Woodward he was just falling, after the first shot.
He remained seated throughout there were people in front of him could see Woodward only from waist up. Prior to first shot Woodward standing. He had been moving arm with knife in an arc downward and upward several times.
source:12/2 interview, p.6
He had the knife in front of his eye.
Right. Over by the Christmass tree?
Over by the Xmas tree. And he was kind of... when people are scared they are kind of hopping back and forth, when he took his steps forward I can not tell you. I do know he moved from where he was in the corner to over by the podium.

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