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Check back later for postings of future events.

Recent Events

Here are some of the more prominent events in the aftermath of the Attack of December 2nd. For a more detailed chronological listing of events see the dateline. An even more detailed timeline is embodied in the news archive.

2006 January 13: The Woodwards' attorneys filed an appeal to overturn Judge Murth's second dismissal of the lawsuit.

2006 January 5: Federal District Court Judge J. Garvan Murtha again threw out the Woodwards' wrongful death lawsuit, essentially ignoring the ignoring the opinion of the appeals court that Murtha had given insufficient weight to the testimony of congregation members that Woody made no threatening movements.

2005 August 24: A New York appeals court judge sent the case back to the Vermont District Court for further review.

2005 August 4: The Woodwards' attorneys filed an appeal to overturn Judge Murth's dismissal of the lawsuit.

2004 July 2: Federal District Court Judge J. Garvan Murtha threw out the Woodwards' wrongful death lawsuit, claiming Woody's civil rights were not violated. The ruling blatently ignores the evidence documented by Justice for Woody on this website. The Woodwards' attorneys announce they will appeal the ruling.

2003 December 2: Justice for Woody held a silent march in Brattleboro, Vermont, followed by a Press Conference. The event was announced in a PRESS RELEASE a month earlier.
This flyer was circulated in Brattleboro and elsewhere. The event recieved press coverage.

2003 November 27: The Valley Advocate announced Justice for Woody's charges of Howard Dean's involvement in the cover-up in an article by editor Tom Vannah.

2003 November 26: Justice for Woody released its detailing evidence of a conspiracy to obstruct justice on this site. See our PRESS RELEASE

2003 November 24: Justice for Woody posted the entire eyewitness evidence package on this site.

2003 November 22: Justice for Woody held a rally in Brattleboro, at 230 Main Street. The small group of peaceful ralliers were the target of an obscene gesture from a front-seat passenger in a BPD cruiser. JFW members reported the incident.

2003 October 25: Justice for Woody held a rally in Brattleboro, at 230 Main Street (in front of municipal building).

2003 September 27: Justice for Woody held a rally in Brattleboro, on 230 Main Street.

2003 August 9:Shoot for Justice Hoopla! A tournament to commemorate Woody.

2003 May 31: Justice for Woody held a rally in Brattleboro. This was at a different location than previous rallys, being near the Brattleboro Museum and across from the Coop.

2003 April 19: Justice for Woody held a rally in Brattleboro.

2003 April 11: The FBI closed it's non-investigation of the shooting.

2003 March 20: A federal judge ordered the Woodward's civil suit to commence despite the continuing languishing of the case in the U.S. Justice Department.

2003 February 15: Brattleboro Police Officer Marshall Holbrook submitted a letter of resignation to the town.

2003 January 25: A rally was held in Brattleboro.

2002 December 16: Professor T. Wilson delivered his second lecture on Sorrell's Report, to an audience that included reporters.

2002 December 2: The one-year anniversary silent vigil was held at the Brattleboro Municipal Building. It was attended by approximately 50 people.

2002 November 23: Justice for Woody held a rally in Brattleboro.

2002 October 18: Justice for Woody held a rally in Brattleboro.

2002 October 10: Professor T. Hunter Wilson gave a lecture entitled "Practical Criticism: Incompetence and Dishonesty in the Official Investigation of the Police Shooting of Robert Woodward" at Marlborro College.

2002 September 24: Justice for Woody held press conference to announce the findings of it's investigation of the killing and the Attorney General's 'investigation' of it. A 40 page report was released at the conference.

2002 September 21:A rally was held by Justice for Woody in Brattleboro from noon until two o'clock.

2002 August 17: A rally was held by Justice for Woody in Brattleboro from high noon until two o'clock. The participants experienced the ugliest incidents of harassment to date.

2002 August 7: Bob Paquette discussed the case and introduced remarks by Keith Carlson and Paul Borneo to the listenership of WFCR in a segment on Morning Edition.

2002 July 25:FBI launches investigation into whether Woody's civil rights were violated. Investigators promised to examine Sorrell's 'investigation'.

2002 July 20: A rally was held by Justice for Woody in Brattleboro. It focused on the circulation of the petition to Governor Dean for an unbiased investigation.

2002 July 1: Justice for Woody launched a petition to the Governor of Vermont to initiate an independent investigation of the shooting.

2002 June 22: A rally was held by Justice for Woody in Brattleboro.

2002 May 30: Attorney general William Sorrell appeared on the call in show 'Switchboard' on Vermont Public Radio to discuss cases including his 'investigation' of Woody's shooting. Listen to the audio, or read the following transcript of his response to a caller.

2002 May 25: A rally was held by JusticeforWoody in Brattleboro, described in this press release.

2002 May 17: The shooters were returned to active duty.

2002 April 12: Some 911 call information was made public.

2002 April 02: Attorney General Sorrell cleared Woody's killers of wrongdoing. The report did not even touch on the question of why non-lethal means of restraint was not used, and made no recommendations about changes in police training procedures. Inconvenient facts, like the shot to Woody's back, don't even warrant mention in the DETAILED FINDINGS OF FACT.

2002 March 29: A federal judge granted a stay by the Attorney General to keep the Woodwards' attorneys from seeing the evidence for 60 days.

2002 March 21: The CRS moved into Brattleboro. The CRS, a Department of Justice group, described as a sort of community relations SWAT team, was slated to arrive in Brattleboro. The CRS website describes the functions of the CRS moving into communities and stabilizing them after civil unrest.

2002 March 19: A candellight vigil commemorated Woody's 38th birthday. It was held on the steps of the Brattleboro Municipal Center and was attended by about 75 to 100 people. There were speeches by several of Woody's friends and Emma Jones, whose son was killed by police bullets, and some guitar and vocal music.

2002 March 12: David Gram revealed in an AP article that the state Attorney General has filed a motion with a federal court to block discovery by the Woodward's lawyers.

2002 March 6: Vermont Attorney General Sorrell said his office would conduct new interviews with shooting eyewitnesses, and that he expected his investigation to take at least another month. For some reason Sorrell didn't find it necessary to begin these interviews during any of the three months that had then elapsed since the killing. He had one less witness to interview since the death of Tommy Thomas.

2002 February 27:A Brattleboro Reformer article revealed that Parker continued to work on active duty at his 'second job' patrolling the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant. Now any anti-nuclear protester at the plant is in grave danger, since the USA PATRIOT act allows them to be designated as 'potential terrorists,' Parker could be the judge, jury, and executioner, just as he was with Woody, who died for committing an act of civil disobedience.

2002 February 7:Parker and Hollbrook removed themselves from active duty, according to articles in the Rutland Herald and the Brattleboro Reformer. This action apparently was taken in response to a concerted campaign by citizens to remove the shooters from active duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

2002 January 29:J.B.C 'Tommy' Thomas died. Tommy was one of only a few of the 18 civilian witnesses to Woody's shooting who were willing to make public statements about the events they witnessed on December 2 before the state closed its case. Tommy made what is probably his last statement about what he observed that day -- that Woody was shot while lying on the floor -- just nine days before hie died. He died suddenly when he stood up at a meeting. At the time of his death he was serving as president of the Windham Arts Council and the Marlboro Conservation Commission.

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