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Broadcast Clips

Here are broadcast radio or television program excerpts, in the form of scripts or audio, about Woody and his legacy.

Program Clips

date story news outlet comments
12/03/01 Man gunned down after pulled knife on congregation
Channel 3 News Reasonably accurate report despite title.
05/30/02 Switchboard with guest Sorrell
Vermont Public Radio William Sorrell is the guest of this call-in show, in which most time is spent discussing the Catholic Church abuse scandall and some time given to the shooting. Sorrell is confronted by two callers from Justice for Woody.
08/07/02 Justice for Woody on Morning Edition
WFCR Radio Interview with Keith Carlson and Paul Borneo by Bob Paquette

Following are program excerpts not specifically about Woody, but about issues that may have had a bearing on his plea for sanctuary.

Program Clips

date story news outlet comments
03/20/02 FBI Threatens Activists
This piece gives background on the FBI's role in attacking progressive movements, which may help to explain Woody's fear of the FBI.