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Justice for Woody

A Steadfast Commitment to Learning the Truth

Justice for Woody was formed in the days following the police attack, and had its first meeting in late December, by which time there were abundant signs of that the Vermont State Police investigation of Brattleboro Police not only had the appearance of bias due to the evident conflicts of interest, but had already demonstrated its bias.

The goals of the group have always been to learn of the circumstances of the shooting, advocate for a full and fair investigation, insist on accountability for those involved, and call for reforms in the Vermont criminal justice system aimed at preventing future killings. From January of 2002 onward, Justice for Woody has demanded an investigation of the killing independent of Vermont Law enforcement, repeatedly calling on then-Governor Howard Dean to order an independent investigation.

Justice for Woody's investigation commenced in January of 2002, when members traveled to Brattleboro and the Church and interviewed eyewitness and witnessed a reenactment with 3 eyewitnesses in the presence of two reporters.

Justice for Woody's Investigation

On September 24, 2002, Justice for Woody held a press conference to release its Justice for Woody Report. That document exposed many of the deceptions William Sorrell used in his Woodward Shooting Report, a carefully crafted document to exonerate the shooters. In the year following the report, Justice for Woody's investigation continued, and documented evidence of obstruction of justice by Vermont officials, including then-Governor Howard Dean. On December 2, 2003, Justice for Woody held a press conference on the steps of the municipal building following a silent march to commemorate the second anniversary of the killing. At this conference, Justice for Woody announced the release of its document detailing obstruction of justice by William Sorrell and Howard Dean.


The domain JusticeForWoody.org was reserved and a small website was set up in mid-December of 2001, just weeks of the killing. Originally the site served as a tool for coordinating the group's work, and preserving the historical record. We archived the many articles and letters that appeared in the local newspapers and beyond. As time progressed and the evidence of a cover-up mounted, the site focused on countering the disinformation from Vermont officials and holding them accountable. Today the website provides a comprehensive resource for people wishing to learn about and report on the case. Through it we publish the findings of our ongoing investigation into malfeasance by Vermont officials, and document the need for reform and accountable government.

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