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Justice for Woody's September 24 Press Conference

On September 24th Justice for Woody held a press conference at the Quality Inn in Brattleboro for the purpose of presenting the findings of its investigation, and releasing its report and supplimentary documents.

The press conference was attended more than a dozen reporters, friends and family of Woody, witnesses to the shooting, and other community members. Justice for Woody gave the 4 folloing presentations, each corresponding to a different portion of the written report.

After the presentations, eyewitness Polly Wilon stood up and and lamented that the churchmembers were not able to protect Woody. She stated that the wished they had formed a human chain around him.

Below are some articles that covered the press conference.


date story news outlet comments
09/24/02 Woodward friends question official account of shooting
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The Boston Globe Briefly recounts story of shooting, and Justice for Woody Report, focusing on it's contention that the police failed to assess the situation upon arriving at the church, and touching on it's challenge to the veracity of Woody's alleged confession.
09/25/02 Group questions Woodward report
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The Brattleboro Reformer Begins by summarizing goals of JFW report, how presenters addressed question of bias. Quotes report on implications of bullet under skin observed by Phyllis Woodring. Quotes report on bias of Sorrell's report, Sorrell's fishing expedition in March to get witness statements to use in his report. Quotes Paul Borneo, Polly Wilson, Steven Tomczak, Michael Badamo, Dennis Lee.
09/25/02 Police Criticized In Woodward Killing
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The Hartford Courant Short article summarizing case and issues raised by JFW report - failure of police to assess situation, failure to use nonlethal restraint, shoots after Woody collapsed on floor, handcuffing, and delay in ambulence transport.
09/25/02 Brattleboro church shooting unjustified, friends say
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The Burlington Free Press Quotes conclusion of JFW report that Sorrell's report is a "brilliantly crafted deception." Mentions witness evidence Woody wsa shot while down. Includes quote by Sorrell suggesting that if Woody were "resisting at all" after falling, subsequent shots were justified. Quotes Ellen Berrios about loyalty of friendship, Polly Wilson wishing the witnesses had formed a human chain to protect Woody.
09/25/02 Friends criticize shooting probe
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The Rutland Herald Quotes JFW report conclusion. Points out divide between police and eyewitness accounts. Innacurately states report cited bullet under skin as proof of down-shooting. The three officers had declined to be interviewed by Sorrell. Statements by Sorrell, Martin, about what is shown by autopsy, ballistics reports. Website mention.

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