Justice for Woody

Descending Iztaccihuatl

These are pictures I took on the descent from the 5230 meter summit of Iztaccihuatl. Woody and I had both stood on the summit that day, and he is probably in one of these pictures. We were climbing with another friend and 2 frenchmen and a canadian we had met up with on one of the buses from Mexico City. This mountain has a broad summit and a number of false summits.

This is looking down over the route down. It stays on the ridgeline most of the way to the peak on the right, then crosses over to the top of the peak behind it, which has a dome structure on top.
This is looking back up toward that same stretch of route, from near the top of that round arc of the forground ridge.
This is looking down from the vicinity of the dome in the first picture.
And in the same direction from further down. Here the shelter becomes more obvious. The trail goes over the saddle to the upper left of the shelter.
Looking back up at the peak with the dome, from about the same position as the last picture.
Now over the saddle and looking toward Iztaccihuatl's 'feet'.
And now looking up at the same feet. The trail will take us around them on the right.