Justice for Woody

A Day in the Presidential Range

These were pictures I took on an October when I climbed both Mt's Jefferson and Adams from Jefferson Notch. Woody wasn't on this trip, but I was with a friend whom I met through Woody. This picture was taken within a few dozen feet of the summit of Mt. Jefferson looking at ridge to the west over two thousand feet below.
After getting down to the col east of Jefferson, there is a long gradual ascent up to the Adams. There is some of the most brilliant vegetation on that stretch. Made even more striking by the frost.
Getting up to the final slopes of Adams, things typically get windier. But it was windy throughout that day. (These mountains are some of the windiest in the world.) Woody went this way any number of times, several times with me, and once in middle of winter with some pretty fierce windchill. On that trip this was as close as we got to the summit of Adams. The wind was just to fierce to climb the final 300' slope.
This is just a little higher on the west slope of Mt. Adams.

Once Woody did the a day traverse of the Great Gulf - Adams, Jefferson, and Washington with no gear (no backpack) and only a bannana to eat. I think that was on a warmer day than this one.
Then it's back the same route. In this picture the east ridge of Mount Washington can be seen rsing up toward the upper right.